Ravenswood Trustees

Ravenswood Trustees Limited was established in December 1994 to assist in the creation and management of Trusts for people with learning difficulties or other disabilities.

In most cases a nominal sum of £100 is settled on the creation of a new trust and further funds follow at a later date. The Company also offers a Will writing service.

The role of a Trustee is to prudently manage the Trust assets during the lifetime of the principal beneficiary.

The Directors of Ravenswood Trustees Limited are:

  • Jeff Fine
  • Neil Gainsley
  • Brenda Garfield – (Chairperson)
  • Ronnie Harris
  • Stan Horowitz
  • Julian Korn
  • Suzanne Lion
  • Maxine Segalov
  • Judith Barnet

In addition Ravenswood Trustees Limited has an Investment Committee who meet on a regular basis to formulate investment policy.

Ravenswood Trustees Limited is a not for profit company and all the Directors of the company and the Investment Committee members give their services on a voluntary basis.

The day-to-day administration of the Trust Company and the various Trusts under management is carried out by the Company Secretary, Michael Ross and his assistant Julie Owen.

RTL currently manages in excess of 100 Trusts.

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The Company accountants are Taylor Associates. The accountants monitor all transactions and prepare quarterly reports. The accountants also prepare the annual Trust Tax returns for HMRC.

The standard trust model is very flexible and provided that funds are available, a trust can be used to fund many things that are not covered by State or Local Authority Funding such as:

  • Training long term agency staff for medical cover and first aid
  • Holidays
  • 1:1 Music Therapy sessions and other extra day opportunities
  • Aromatherapy sessions
  • Decorating and refurbishing bedrooms, bathrooms
  • Paying for and organising funeral arrangements and burial scheme fees
  • Paying for private medical consultations and treatment
  • Purchasing private hearing aids
  • Extra cultural input for individuals
  • Paying legal expenses
  • Top up fees